As a proactive outdoor performance apparel company, we crave the satisfaction in discovering new terrains, pioneering ideas, and putting them into practice. Over 85 years of active outdoor clothing craftsmanship experience helps us support the BRAVE’ers* of the modern day outdoors.

Our passion for effective collaborations with professionals on the field, an R&D mindset, and an EU made, design-to-production approach, all aimed to provide maximum support for every Outdoor Go- getter, who is striving for performance, endurance, and comfort.

*BRAVE’ers – people Brave and Courageous enough to challenge the Outdoor active lifestyle, to seek adventures, and to take chances that reward them by seeing things many people may never see.  Less stress, less routine, and more real moments, BRAVE’ers approach their life with energy and excitement, never ceasing to threat, challenge, difficulty, nor pain. 

To BRAVE’ers, there is a big difference between existing and living.



THERMOWAVE produces first layer clothing, appropriate for various weather conditions and activity levels. When selecting new sport clothes, first consider those weather conditions and levels of intensity. 
Thermowave has created Temperature Management System (TMS) categories with unique performance characteristics that together provide you an explanation for your choice of active wear for all kinds of climates and intesity levels. 

 Provides cooling effect during workouts in warm to hot conditions. The unique COOLER product features ensure not only top functionality fabrics, but freedom of movement and perfect fit. Combined with efficient moisture evaporation, they are your best choice for running, cycling, and training both indoors and outside.

 The WARMER base layers offer optimal heat insulation and moisture managemen tin cool to cold conditions. These Thermal base layers will provide you with additional comfort and reassurance during any of your activities. 

 WARM line is perfect from cold to really cold conditions. Products provide excellent warmth and moisture transport. Ergonomic design ensures great fit and optimal freedom of movement. These thermal underwear are irreplaceable for skiing, walking, and outdoor activities in cold weather.

 X-WARM line is designed for extreme challenges. These garments not only isolate the heat, but evaporate the sweat perfectly. Most of X-WARM base layers are made from a combination of material of merino wool and polyester. The combination is made of an inner polyester layer, which transports moisture away from the body, and an outer layer of wool, that provides extra heat insulation. X-Warm base layer is perfect for expeditions, extreme skiing, and hiking even in subzero temperatures reching -25 degrees Celsius.



Before you start exercising, skiing, or taking up other activities, you should first consider: What should I wear to feel comfortable? Comfort comes with maintaining the required body temperature and keeping dry, while not restraining your freedom of movement.
There is a myth, that you have to dress yourself in countless layers to stay warm. Fortunately, it's not true. All you need is just 3 most important layers:
1 layer: Moisture evaporation. The base layer should be your second skin. The goal is to regulate body temperature by moving perspiration away from your skin.
2 layer: Heat insulation. The goals of the mid layer are to retain heat, transport moisture and provide comfort. Make your layer works for you – not against you.
3 layer: Weather protection. The outer layer protects you from wind, rain, snoe, the cruel realities of everyday life.



Who is not familiar with this: After only a short period of use, T-shirts made of synthetic fibres develop odors. One feels uncomfortable and no longer ready for the rest of the day. This unpleasant, but unfortunately common problem is well known, especially with regard to the use of sneakers, towels, shirts, or workwear.
SILVERPLUS®‘ unique technology provides hygienic and fresh effects.
-All Thermowave synthetic products are covered by Silver Plus finishing.
-Silver ions destroy odor-causing bacteria.
-You can stay active longer without any discomfort.

Thermowave synthetic products let you enjoy freshness during the journey, so you spend more time on the mountains and not by the cleaning machine!



The science of fitness clothing has come a long way from those baggy cotton sweatshirt and knit leg warmers of pervious decades. Today, exercisers have a vast array of choices for workout fabrics. A variety of materials are used for Thermowave garments, each with different benefits.


Thermowave‘s Functional Polyester is suitable for a variety of activities in chilly-to-cold weather conditions. Made from 100% functional polyester yarns, this fabric provides an exceptional moisture evaporation function. In addition, featuring a unique knitted fabric structure, Thermowave‘spolyester garments feature great warmth insulation properties and are light, soft and have a great body fit. All of these benefits, coupled with very easy care, make our polyester garments a perfect choice for intensive activities in lower temperatures. All Thermowave‘s functional polyester garments are applied with Silver-ion finishing to kill-off the bacteria responsible for the uncomfortable smell.


Merino wool is one of, if not the, finest wool today, leading the pack of other conventional wools with its perfectly soft nature and fine fiber texture. You can trust our THERMOWAVE‘s MERINO to get the following benefits: perfect insulation, exceptional breathability, smooth feeling, natural anti-bacterial. During winter time, the THERMOWAVE‘s MERINO wool works as a perfect insulator keeping the wearer warm, while in summer periods the same remarkable wool reveals the ability to breathe easy and transfer moisture vapor away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry. In addition to the great insulation and breathability, Merino Wool offers exceptional natural anti-bacterial properties, keeping the bad smell away!


Whether you are climbing up, descending or moving on the same level, Thermowave‘s Active Polypropylene base layers will not let you down. Made from 100% polypropylene yarns, this fabric has the best properties of moisture transport and water vapor permeability out there. It is perfect for moving that nasty sweat away from your body and keeping you dry and warm even in subzero temperatures reaching -20 degress Celsius. The fabric itself is knitted in a special way to maximize stretch and comfort. The quality and softness of the yarn will leave a soft-touch, while the technical characteristics of the polypropylene will make the garment extremely durable.