Product return and exchange

You can always return the purchased item in online store within 14 calendar days after its delivery. The returned item you can change into another product or to recover the money.

We will transfer the payment back to you within 14 working days after the purchased item is delivered back to us.



If you decide to replace or return the item, please contact us by e-mail , and we will send you a special form, which you are obliged to fill and deliver to us together with the purchased item, also, please, send us a copy of invoice, which we have presented you with the product.

You can return the purchased item by courier, registered mail or come directly to the following address:

UAB Termosportas , eShop, Raudondvario pl. 93, LT-47184 Kaunas, Lithuania.

eShop opening hours:

Monday - Thursday: 09:00 - 17:00

Friday : 9:00 - 14:30.

IMPORTANT: Transport costs for returning the goods have to be covered by the sender and it will not be reimbursed.



Returning items must follow the criteria:

• The returned item must be unused and can not be worn or otherwise damaged .

• Product must have all the labels.

• Item must be returned in the original manufacturer's packaging and marketable appearance .

• Product must be packaged in a suitable delivery box to prevent it from any damages during delivery.


Attention! Transport costs in any case for returning or replacing the purchased item is not being covered by UAB TERMOSPORTAS, so if you have any doubts or questions, please contact us via email or call +370 626 40783, we will be happy to assist you.


The purchased items return and replacement conditions are guided by: 2001. June 29. Minister of Economy order No.217 for "Return and exchange of goods approved  rules", Civil Code (Official Paper, 2000, No.74-2262, Official Paper, 2011, No.129-6108), Consumer Rights Protection Law (Official Paper, 1994, No.94-1833, 2007, No.12-488) and 2001. August 07. Minister of Economy Order No.258 approved rules for sale of items and services, when the contracts are awarded by means of communication (Official Paper, 2001, No.73-2583).